Duration: 4-5 hours

We will pick you up from the port or meeting point, and we will go to the sanctuary of the Goddess Tanit in the cave of Es Culleram, in Sant Vicent de sa Cala, in the north of the island. We will make a brief walk to the sanctuary, and will listen to the ancestral history of the area, leaving a flower in offering to the protector of the Island, the Goddess Tanit. As a gift you will get a nice souvenir: a small bust of the Goddess Tanit.

Tanit is the Carthaginian/phoenician Goddess of the island. The Tanit cult remained strongly rooted in the island of Ibiza, where the Goddess was adored until the rise of christianity, in the second century A.D.. Ibiza is the place where more statues of Tanit have been found, especially here in the Cova Des Culleram, in Sant Vicent de sa Cala. Tanit was the Goddess of love, fertility, life, prosperity, harvest, death and the moon. It was one of the most important Goddess of the carthaginians, as it defended the sacred island of Ibiza. Tanit was a divinity represented by the lunar crescent, associated with the God of agriculture and therefore, the fertility of the earth, animals and people. She also had the character of a Goddess of the underground, health and death,and she was the protector of the deceased. Tanit was also associated with the lion, influenced by the Egyptian Goddess Sehmet: this also gave her a warrior character almost unprecedented at the time. However, Tanit would have also held a role as protector of the city and as a protector of good fortune.

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PRICE: 75€* * Price per person * Minimum: 20 persons ( Leave your contact details to integrate you in a group) * The price includes: transport, official guide, souvenir, Tanit or Bes mini mud bust, tasting of typical products, drinks.
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